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Jutting out of the floor of the Sonoran desert is an expansive mountain range known as the Santa Catalinas. The peak tops out at 9200 ft of elevation and offers up some of the best mountain biking anywhere. When we hear about other mtb destinations having a “Whole Enchilada”, we chuckle as we have three of them! These trails offer manufacturers the perfect “proving grounds” to test equipment. From over two decades of riding in Tucson, we always say “if it can survive here, it can survive anywhere”!

Tucson and its trail network of over 400 miles of single track makes for a great place to enjoy our passion, film, and even test equipment. From wheels to components and bikes to helmets, Tucson and Mt. Lemmon provide the perfect back drop for that next photo shoot, product test or press camp. 

What qualifies us you ask? Well, our resume is diverse. If it wasn’t the 20+ years in the corporate world, we honed our skills at problem solving  as  the founders of the Tucson Off-road Cyclists and Activists, 

TORCA, a 300+ member, 100% volunteer mtb advocacy group with over 10000 hours of trail work under our belts on the Coronado National Forest and navigating the red tape and bureaucracy of the federal government. In addition, we were also the  coordinators of a little mtb festival known as the “ Pachanga“. If we can pull off a party for hundreds of people including an Enduro race, Poker Ride, Food and Vendors, imagine what we can do for you and your company! 

-MTB press camps

-MTB product testing

-MTB sales meetings

-MTB retreats

You have enough on your plates. Leave the logistics including permitting, insurance, shuttles, drivers and guides to us and let us share our passion with you in a place we’re sure you’ll come back to! No job is too big or too small. Just check out our reviews.

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August of 2018, I spent a week in Tucson, AZ to produce a multimedia piece for a Pinkbike.com series called Local Flavors. In the lead up to my week in town, and indeed throughout my stay, I spent the vast majority of my time working with Tara and Art Alcantara of Homegrown MTB and TORCA (Tucson Off Road Cycling Advocates). There are not enough words to express my appreciation and gratitude towards them for all they were able to help me with. From logistical management of various photo shoots and interviews, to their extensive knowledge of Mount Lemmon trails and Tucson culture, and of course their commitment and resolve to help their community by advocating and growing the sport of mountain biking for all, it was clear to me in my short time with them that Tucson and the surrounding mountain bike community have a real commodity in these two people. The combined sense of professionalism with a very approachable friendliness made them instantly endearing to me personally, and their understanding of the value of big picture narrative along with nuanced detail from trail to trail left me feeling incredibly confident that I was in the best hands during my trip, and when it came time for me to say goodbye, I knew that my trip to Tucson to hang and ride with Homegrown would only be the first of many moving forward. Tara, Art, and the rest of their crew are brilliant examples of stewardship and advocacy done right.


Tara, Art, and the rest of their crew are brilliant examples of stewardship and advocacy done right.

“There may be better places to mountain bike than the southern passages of the Arizona Trail.  And there may be better trip planning, guiding and support teams than HomeGrown MTB.  But, frankly, it’s hard to imagine either.  In this world of constantly and casually used superlatives, I was somewhat cautious about embracing Tara’s and Art’s promise that ‘we’ll provide you with an experience you and your son will never forget!’  But that’s exactly what they delivered.  I have rarely, in any of my life’s endeavors, experienced the combination of competence and care, adventure and attention that these guys provided.  Our bespoke itinerary was crafted not from the desk or sofa, but from hours of time scouting out routes and potential campsites, working on contingency plans if things turned out too much for my 11-year old son and his 48-year old dad to manage .  They asked many questions, seeking to understand both our needs and our dreams. Down to an email from Art asking simply what I would like to drink sitting around an evening campfire.  Big open skies, moons that shone so brightly that we woke up several times in the night thinking that someone was outside shining a flashlight into our tent.  Starry, starry nights.  Fully rigged camps, like oases waiting for us at the end of hard days riding.  Relaxed and genuine conversations around memorable campfires, hours spent teaching my son new MTB tricks and absorbing his chirps in constant good humor.  Spectacular and nourishing meals to restore and reenergize weary bodies.  Our guide exuded confidence, calm, patience, a sense of humor and love for the trails.  And as for those trails … miles and miles and miles of rolling single track, punishing climbs and technical descents.  All in all, HomeGrown MTB, you guys completely nailed it!   We can’t wait to come back!”  

-Meyrick Douglas, New Jersey

testing there is even easier thanks to Home Grown MTB

“Outside has tested bikes all over the country for almost two decades, and we return year after year to Tucson for it’s broad diversity of riding and crystal weather from fall through spring. From monumental alpine road climbs and roller coaster road loops to fast, sinuous single track and brutal, chunk mountain test pieces, the city has a variety of riding that’s unmatched almost anywhere we’ve been. And testing there is even easier thanks to Home Grown MTB, which made our event a total cinch by handling all the logistics, including shuttles, route development, and food delivery. For winter tests and training camps, I can’t think of a single place more reliable and desirable than Tucson” 

-Outside Magazine

Outside has tested bikes all over the country for almost two decades, and we return year after year to Tucson