Art – Owner, Coach and Lead Guide

Art is a man who wears many hats! He was introduced to mountain biking by his wife, co-owner Tara. While Art is an enthusiast of many outdoor activities including snowboarding and motocross, mountain biking is deeply rooted as his passion. So much so, that he was one of the founding members of the Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists, a non-non-profit group dedicated to the maintenance and development of Tucson’s trails. An outspoken activist for TORCA, Art volunteers his time meeting with Forest Service officials, working on the much anticipated Mt Lemmon Comprehensive Trails Plan, or bucking fallen trees off of trails (he wields a cross cut saw like those guys in the timber sports competitions). His priority is riding with his favorite riding partner and best friend, his wife. Art’s passion and pride for Tucson is second only to riding mountain bikes. Art’s mission with Home Grown, as it was before Home Grown, is to share Tucson’s amazingly unique trails with anyone who wants to experience them. Art is a trained PMBIA certified MTB Instructor, having coached hundreds of riders from beginner to expert.



Matt – Equipment Manager, Coach and Lead Guide

Growing up in a small town in Northern California, Matt has always found himself in the woods with two wheels underneath him. With endless miles of rugged century old fire roads and single track at his disposal he quickly figured out how much fun rough, unforgiving terrain could be. Before moving to Tucson, Matt had been honing his skills in Santa Cruz, Ca with frequent road trips to B.C., Tahoe, Oregon and Mammoth. He has been a test pilot for different companies in the bike industry, working out the kinks before they get on your bike. Matt is also currently a professional bike mechanic, making bikes operate like buttah for over 15 years. He not only loves to ride the trail but feels that putting in the effort to make them clean and buff is a necessity as he is an active member of the local trail advocacy group TORCA. A talented rider and coach, Matt is a PMBIA certified instructor and has guided and coached hundreds of riders in the Tucson area and beyond.



Tara – Owner – Lead Guide – Head Coach

Tara is a Certified Personal Trainer, Wilderness First Responder, and PMBIA Certified Mountain Bike Instructor. A professional rider with over 25+ years experience, Tara continues to push the limits on the bike. With several Downhill MTB Racing podiums under her belt, her first love is riding fast down big mountains. Favorite places of all time to ride are Retallack, Silver Star and Whistler, BC, Angelfire, NM, and Moab, UT. She has dedicated her life to riding in Tucson, spending 20+ hours per week volunteering for TORCA (local advocacy organization). Tara has traveled all over the western US to teach advanced downhill mountain biking to ladies at some of the most exclusive destinations, and for the biggest and best names in the business, including Ladies AllRide with Lindsey Richter. Often found riding with her husband,  Tara spends as much time as she can on Mt Lemmon, a magical place where the riding is exhilarating and the beauty is unmatched. 



Vernie – Guide

Tucson trail connoisseur. There is not a trail in Tucson that he has not worked on or ridden! Vernie enjoys every aspect of riding from DH bike parks to commuting to work, as long as its a two wheeled mountain. Vernie’s favorite rides include long backcountry technical XC rides in super remote places.  Some of his all time favorite trails are places like Monarch Crest in CO, Alpine in OR, or Mag 7 in Moab, but really its hard to beat the trails right here in Tucson with gems like C.D.O and Bug Springs. A talented and sought after photographer, Vern is also the guy behind the camera ready to take a riding picture at moments notice or  snapping pictures of birds and other wildlife. An original founder of TORCA (Tucson Off-Road Cyclists & Activists), Vernie has volunteered thousands of hours over the past decade advocating for Tucson’s trails and helping to keep them in top form. Vernie is a gem of a human, mountain biker, and guide. 


Sarah, Coach and Guide
After joining the Air Force and being stationed in Tucson, Sarah discovered the amazing mountain bike trails on Mt Lemmon. She jumped in head first – attending trail work days and volunteering as an assistant coach for HG’s ladies clinics. With a background in fitness and training (Sarah has her bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Michigan Sate), she spent four years working as an athletic trainer at a professional and amateur motocross training facility. Sarah is a true athlete, racing motocross and picking up road biking for cross training. When not training, riding her bike, or traveling with her professional motocross racer husband, Sarah likes to hike with her dog, Moto. Her contributions to HG’s coaching clinics and guided tours have been outstanding, and she is a valued asset to the team!


Juan – Coach and Lead Guide
A Tucson native, Juan grew up riding and racing motorcycles. He later started riding mountain bikes, and it quickly became his favorite thing to do! Juan spent some time working at Angelfire Bike Park, maintaining trails and working inside the bike shop. During his tenure there, he became a PMBIA Certified MTB Instructor. Most recently, Juan has focused his energy on racing, both downhill and enduro, in the Pro class and is often seen on the podium. Juan is a stylish rider who can throw a mean “whip”! Now back in Tucson during prime season, his favorite place to ride bikes is anywhere on Mt Lemmon. Juan is a member of the Board of Directors for TORCA (Tucson Off-Road Cyclists & Activists), and is active in trail work and advocacy.



Cade – Coach and Guide

A professional Supercross/motocross rider by trade, Cade is a two wheel enthusiast at heart. From a young age, Cade has traveled for racing and has been able to see and ride in some amazing places. Originally from Ohio, Cade has spent his life on two wheels. He now resides in Tucson where Mt Lemmon has become his backyard playground and training ground! Cade also coaches motocross for kids and adults at the nearby track. Although mountain biking is his second sport, he is no slouch on the bike. Cade is quickly making a name for himself as a local shredder!


Kimber – Coach and Lead Guide
Growing up in Wyoming, Kimber has always had a passion for anything in the outdoors. She raced dirt bikes growing up, and has an extensive background in fitness. Her passion for MTB really started when she began travel nursing in 2015 and spent time all over the western US. After moving to Tucson in 2018, her passion really exploded for biking, especially the technical all-mountain riding that can be found on Mt Lemmon. Having been a member of many women’s biking clubs, Kimber loves getting people into the sport. Kimber attended an HG clinic on Mt Lemmon in 2018, and since then has become an accomplished rider in both enduro and downhill disciplines. Becoming a certified PMBIA coach was a natural transition for Kimber, who previously coached CrossFit.  She has traveled to coach for Ladies Allride, teaching women advanced riding skills on some of the most progressive trails in the country. Her outgoing personality, smooth riding style, and competence in the backcountry lend perfectly to her role at HG!


Bria - AF

Bria – Assistant Coach, Guide
Bria is a Tucson local who discovered her love for mountain biking in 2017. She started out riding a lot of the XC trails around Tucson, but after going head first herself into some of the HG clinics she quickly realized her passion for the enduro/downhill on Mt. Lemmon. She became active in trail workdays with TORCA (Tucson Off-Road Cyclists & Activists) and fell more so in love with the mountain biking community than she thought was ever possible. Bria recently became a Level 1 PMBIA certified MTB instructor, and is a coach for HG’s Jr Shredders kids program. 

When she’s not riding her bike she is working as a veterinarian technician, immersing herself in school as she’s going back for Psychology, or hanging out with her doggos. She is excited to extend and share her love of the sport and this place to others