Art is a man who wears many hats. By day he wears a suit but changes into mtb clothes the first chance he gets. He was introduced to mtbing by his wife 17 years ago and has never looked back. While Art is an enthusiast of many outdoor activities including snowboarding and motocross, mountain biking is deeply rooted as his passion. So much so, that he was one of the founding members of the Tucson Off-road Cyclists and Activists, a non-non-profit group dedicated to the maintenance and development of Tucson’s mtb trails. When he’s not acting as President of TORCA, herding kittens in his “real job”, or bucking fallen trees off of trails (he wields a cross cut saw like those guys in the timber sports competitions covered in obscure sports quarterly), his priority is riding with his favorite riding partner and best friend, his wife. Art’s passion and pride for Tucson is second only to riding mountain bikes. Art’s mission with Home Grown, as it was before Home Grown, is to share Tucson’s amazingly unique trails with anyone who wants to experience them. 



My name is Phil. I like riding mountain bikes, especially long back country singletrack descents as commonly found on Mt. Lemmon. I have been riding mountain bikes for 10 years, to tell you the truth, I will ride anything and I am fortunate to spend as much time as I do on trail. I think sport and service go well together so I contribute monthly as a member of Tucson Offroad Cyclists and Activists. I like riding on the front of TORCA rides, sawing big logs with the trail crew and carrying heavy stuff around in the mountains. I also like rock climbing, brutal hikes (and leisurely hikes), vanning and general adventure.  I am negotiating a patent for exciting new bluetooth wristband technology that will sync with a smartphone and allow riders to track their High5’s on Strava. Some day I hope to have the KOM for High5’s on Mt. Lemmon. Let’s ride.

Tara is a Certified Personal Trainer, Wilderness First Responder, and PMBIA Certified Mountain Bike Instructor. A rider with over 20+ years experience, Tara continues to push the limits on the bike. With several Downhill MTB Racing podiums under her belt, her first love is riding fast down big mountains. Favorite places of all time to ride are Retallack and Whistler, BC, Angelfire, NM, and Moab, UT. She has dedicated her life to riding in Tucson, spending 20+ hours per week volunteering for TORCA (local advocacy organization). Additionally, she can be found cross-training at the gym, cooking up delicious healthy food, and spending time with her human and k9 family. Tara spends as much time as she can on Mt Lemmon, a magical place where the riding is exhilarating and the beauty is unmatched. 



Vernie  Tucson trail connoisseur. There is not a trail in Tucson that I have not worked on or ridden in my 10yrs of mountain biking. I enjoy every aspect of riding from DH bike parks to commuting to work, as long as its a two wheeled mountain bike I am good. Where I am really at home though is on long backwoods techy xc rides that have a hint of being lost. Some of my all time favorite trails are places like Monarch Crest in CO, Alpine in OR, or Mag 7 in Moab, but really its hard to beat what we have right here in Tucson with gems like C.D.O and Bug Springs. I am also the guy behind the camera ready to take a riding picture at moments notice or when I’m injured I’ll be out snapping pictures of birds and other wildlife. I also dedicate tons of my time with TORCA advocating for Tucson’s trails and helping to keep them in top form. I not only will be able to show you all the hidden Tucson riding gems but will also point out the great variety of wildlife you see along the way.


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As a teenager in Upstate NY, influenced by her adventure dad, Amelia started rock climbing in 1990 and mountain cycling in 1993. Adventuring outdoors has always been her first priority and passion.

Since moving to Tucson in 2013, she has discovered the thrill of riding bigger mountains and rougher terrain.Amelia is a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute certified Wilderness First Responder and an American Mountain Guide Association certified Single Pitch Instructor. She is a member of Tucson Off-road Cyclists
and Activists (TORCA) and the Climbing Association of Southern Arizona (CASA).
Amelia loves to share her experience and knowledge to facilitate safe and fun adventures in the
mountains. Her goal is to encourage others to explore Tucson’s awesome adventure terrain and to
realize their own adventure potential.



Tim is a transplant from Bend, Oregon, and found his tribe here in the Sonoran Desert. In between flipping rocks in search of toads and gila monsters, Tim enjoys ripping all types of trail. He has been competitive in mountain bike events including XC, DH, and Enduro since beginning racing in 1996. Tim had a brief stint as a sponsored professional rider, racing to podium finishes in Enduro and Super D events while racing for Giant bicycles co-factory team. Most recently, Tim was the 2017 Big Mountain Enduro Vet Expert Champion. He has been a practicing sport/spine physical therapist since 2005 and recently completed his DPT degree. His capstone paper on bicycle fit and form related to anterior knee pain is currently being reviewed for publication in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sport Physical Therapy. Tim enjoys causal days site seeing on trail, all out race runs, and bike park days carving turns.


A Tucson native, Juan grew up riding and racing motorcycles. He later started riding mountain bikes, and it quickly became his favorite thing to do! Juan spent some time working at Angelfire Bike Park, maintaining trails and working inside the bike shop. During his tenure there, he became a PMBIA Certified MTB Instructor. Most recently, Juan has focused his energy on racing, both downhill and enduro, in the Pro class and is often seen on the podium. Juan is a stylish rider who can throw a mean “whip”! Now back in Tucson full time, his favorite place to ride bikes is anywhere on Mt Lemmon. Juan is also a member of the Board of Directors for TORCA (Tucson Off-Road Cyclists & Activists), and is active in trail work and advocacy.